Saturday, June 4, 2011

Candles & Food Pairing

This week I was at one of favorite stores in North Park called Pigment and I stumbled across the most amazing candles. I am a huge sucker for candles and these are like no other.
So you ask why am I writing about Candles on a food blog? Well here is your answer. These candles were created by Chef James Boyce in collaboration with Voluspa which is one of my favorite candle companies. Seriously the only candles I buy. Chef James launched his career at New York's Le Cirque, and now owns Cotton Row, Pane E Vino, and Commerce Kitchen all in Huntsville Alabama.
He helped create 6 amazing kitchen-inspired fragrances using unique natural and organic ingredients to both compliment the food in your kitchen and to remove cooking odors. The Chef Hat Inspired Kitchen Candle was born! The collection won "Best in Show" in Extracts at the NY International Gift Fair in January 2009. Each hand poured Candle is made with organic apricot wax pioneered by Volupsa.
Scented candles you can burn while you cook? Now this is amazing for cooks who love to entertain with an ambiance. Me being one of them. If you don't know the rule about burning candles while cooking then here it is....they must be unscented! God-for-bid you mess with the scents of the food you are cooking and that will only lead to messing with the pallet of your eager tasters and guests.
Now we can cook with scented candles to enhance the smells of our cuisines! Alriiiiight!
Here are the 6 flavors you can pair with your food.Sommelier
Ruby Port, Mission Fig, & Star AniseHerb Garden
Black Chanterelle & Cardanmon FlowerSpice Market
Cassia, Ginger & Ground CloveChefs Special
Heirloom Tomato, Celery & Fennel BulbVintage
Brut Champagne, Almonds, & OakCalifornia Citrus
Satsuma Tangerine & Meyer Lemon

I smelled all of the candles and all were amazing. I purchased the Herb Garden candle and am burning it in my kitchen as I type. It smells good enough to eat!
Candles aren't the only thing that was created! Check out the Professional Chef Hand Scrub or the Hand Soap & Lotion too.
You can purchase everything here at Voluspa - James Boyce.
Happy Saturday!

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