Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tricks & Treats

Halloween is just a couple weeks away and I am sure some of you are gearing up for it. Maybe your throwing a Halloween Party or maybe you will be attending one. Costumes are being made, rented, and pumpkins are carved and ready to light. Halloween is on a Monday night so
this year I plan to stay in, make dinner for him, pass out candy to all the kids that come trick-or-treating. A scary movie flick will be playing on the tube and dinner will probably consist of Brains & Eye Balls (Spaghetti & Meatballs).
Here are some awesome tricks & treats for your spooky holiday coming up! I think this might be the first post I have posted where you can lose your appetite! So READ AT YOUR OWN RISK and have a happy & safe Halloween.

How nasty are these? I bet your kids will love them. Bloody Band-Aid Cookies made out of graham crackers, white frosting and red decorators gel!Kitty Litter Cake - this cracks me up! Those deuces are made out of melted tootsie rolls! Hilarious! You can get the recipe here.I love these Googly Eye Cupcakes made from a simple mix and decorated with gummy eye balls, licorice, jelly fish and marshmallows. Eyeball Caprese Salad
For a sophisticated Halloween?
Ghosts On A Stick - These look so good. Made out of pears and Vanilla Candiquik
Eye Ball Cake Pops!
The best for last if you ask me!

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