Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Morning Harvest

Today was an awesome day. I headed out early this morning to Full Moon Farm to help Jack Matthews with the harvest for the restaurants in Athens and his CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it connects the FOOD one eats, the LAND where it is grown, and the FARMERS who grow it.
There is something so therapeutic about farming. Don't get me wrong the work is labor intensive and probably the hardest work you could ever do. I have a new respect for farmers after today and the work I did today was just the easy stuff. I really loved this morning. It was a leafy greens harvest and they were beautiful...so was the morning.green garlic harvested by methe most amazing and full bok choyfarmer jack admiring a whole lot of bok choy, yumfull romaine lettuce
sun peaking through trees and shinning down on this stunning batavian leaf lettuce
lettuce is washed and ready to pack up
the best arugula undercover i ever tasted

rainbow chard
leafy kaleFind the local farm in your area and volunteer there. It will give you a new appreciation for our farmers hard work and again you will see where your food comes from.
Happy Tuesday from Athens, GA.

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