Monday, February 8, 2010

How Sweet It Is

Valentines Day is Sunday and the thought of it not only inspired me to give you something sweet for your taste buds this Valentines Day but something sweet and inspiring for your soul. With that said I came across something richly sweet. It is called the BlogAid Cookbook.
It’s a cookbook to help raise money for Haiti. Twenty-seven food bloggers from around the world have quickly acted on the need for food and aid in Haiti after the earthquake by compiling a cookbook. On the day released it raised over $10,000. The Canadian Government will double those dollars as well as any others raised until February 12th. Each writer, chef and blogger contributed their own recipes and photos and this book was born and was possibly the fastest concept to publication book in history. The hardcover version is $50.00 and the softcover version is $25.00. Its 110 colorful pages with photos of each recipe. You can purchase it Here. If you haven’t given yet to a charity for Haiti this might be a your way to do so. Some of the recipes include Chocolate Carmel Banana Tart & Roasted Vegetable Soup by my tartelette. To read more about it check out the blog aid for haiti blog. I am going to by my copy and in return get a wonderful new cook book and give to wonderful cause. You too can buy one for yourself or a loved one to show you care not only for them but for those in need. Keep giving. I hope you have a sweet Valentines Day! xo

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