Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Dig The Pig

Okay I am kind of obsessed with the Carnitas Snack Shack. I have been once and dreaming about going back. I can't be obsessed with a place that has pork on almost every menu item.
1. Its not kosher (aint no thang to me) and 2. it's not so good for my waistline. But its good food. As in slow-food, and real food. And the best thing I have had out in a long time. Lately him and I have not been blown away by whats cooking up in SD kitchens. Some of our best meals are made at home, but at the Carnitas Snack Shack, the food is better then good. It's damn delicious!  And that is good for me. 
The menu changes daily because they use local and family farmers, ranchers, bakers, vineyards and breweries. Pastured beef comes for Niman Ranch and poultry is raised sustainably and ethically at Tzaddik Farm in Alpine. Produce comes from local farmers markets, Suzies Farm and Specialty Produce. The pork comes from Salmon Creek Farms. Family owned and operated with humanely raised and pasture fed pigs. The best of the best! 
You think you are just ordering at a taco stand and then you go around the back to wait for your food its the most beautiful shack I have ever seen. With heat lamps.
The suggestions to order were the Carnitas tacos and the Pork Sandwich. I was blown away by both. So tasty! Even though I cringed at the thought of eating pork in a sandwich cooked 3 different ways, I ate it. And enjoyed every minute of this "good" food. 

Carnitas Tacos (2) $7  salmon creek farm pork carnitas / standard accompaniments

Pork Sandwich $9 pork loin schnitzel/ pulled pork/ bacon/ pepperoncini-pickle relish/ shack aioli

I hope you have a Happy Memorial Day and that its filled with laughter,  love, and good food! 
2632 University Ave. San Diego, Ca.

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