Thursday, March 15, 2012

flour + water

Oh wow! Its been a while since my last post. Daylight savings has came to fast and we are springing forward through 2012. I went to San Francisco in February and had the most amazing time. We ate our way through that city. I mean, what else do you do in San Fran? Its a culinary circus of a city!
The one restaurant I must tell you about was one my cousin took us to in The Mission District.
Its called Flour + Water. Their specialty is pasta but it is not your normal pasta. It is hand cut and made. Most of it is stuffed with the most unusual ingredients and lightly dressed in the most flavorful sauces. The Chef has classical training and before opening Flour + Water he spent some time in a pasta "laboratory" in Bologona Italy, where he honed his skills from only the best pasta artisans. Flour + Water has a staff of pasta makers that come in at 5am to make the pasta fresh every day in the "Dough Room" which turns into a private dinning room for parties of 8-12 people.
We had the pleasure of dining with one of my cousins friends who happens to work in the dough room for private parties. We let her take the drivers seat, and we sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the pasta road trip. We enjoyed everything along the way. Everything tasted as beautiful as it looked. Here is what we had and I apologize if I don't have titles listed for everything. Its been a while.
roasted cauliflower with almonds, preserved meyer lemon & sweet herbs

cured sardine with citrus, puntarella, avocado & shaved radishcrispy pork trotter with slow cooked egg, parsnip & chickweedcitrus & ricotta triangoli with olive & brown buttercelery root cappelletti with golden turnips and brown buttertaleggio scarpinocc with aceto balsamico
I don't remember the name of this but it was topped with Stinging Nettle and was delish.Unknown nametarragon & rutabaga tortelliradiatore with roasted hen, speck & parsnip.
This one tasted like a chicken pot pie. Incredible. garganelli with rabbit sausage & spigarello
squid ink spaghetti with clams, watermelon radish & chili oil
flour + water
san francisco, ca.

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