Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hanna's Gourmet

Hanna's Gourmet is located on Adam's Avenue in between University Heights and Normal Heights. It has been open for a few months now and I drive by it almost everyday on my way to and from work. I ran in a couple months ago to grab a menu and take a peek at what I had to look forward too. The place is tiny and cute. The desserts and salads to go in the deli case look beautifully plated. I finally had the chance to go there for breakfast a week ago.
I got there around 10am and it was very hot and stuffy inside. Hotter then it was outside. That alone almost made me want to go someplace else. They don't have too many windows for ventilation but turning the air condition on would of been nice considering it is summer time. We took the table closest to the door and that seemed to help a little bit. Another disappointing thing is there is no public bathroom. Now that's a little strange I think. Good thing I live down the street?
I ordered scrambled eggs with bacon, creamy roasted potatoes and grilled bread. It was simple and good. I also tried the Eggs A La Espana which are potatoes layered with eggs, Spanish chorizo topped with Manchego cheese & Romesco sauce. It sounds like it would be really rich but was nicely done and was not soaked in the sauce. The chorizo was awesome and had a little kick to it. I really enjoyed the flavors and the portion size was perfect for one person.
One really cool thing about Hanna's Gourmet is they feature food from a different part of the world for one week. This week is Greek and the menu items are Moussakas, Grilled Chicken Gyros, Kofta Beef Gyros, Lime-Chicken Soup.
As we were paying the bill the chef and owner came out to greet us. She was very nice and grateful we stopped in.Would I go back? Yes, I will be giving Hanna's Gourmet another try. The other items on the menu look way to good not to.
Hanna's Gourmet
2864 Adams Ave. San Diego, CA. 92116

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